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Have you ever wondered why you feel unfulfilled despite your having succeeded in what your position in life has asked of you? This could be imagined as wearing clothes that are too small for you!

Do you experience yourself feeling and acting in negative, repetitive ways despite your best intentions to feel and act otherwise?

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Returning to wholeness

Very often these perplexing present day experiences arise out of our unconscious patterns of life adaptation. Whether due to trauma or deprivations, we learn to mold ourselves into smaller, more reactive modes of being which serve to help us cope within the givens of our former settings. Unfortunately, this also creates an ever widening distance from the wholeness of our personal spirit.

Nourish the spirit

Toward wellness

Help for these issues is available in Depth Psychotherapy. The task of this therapy is to shed light upon the roots of suffering and then overcome the restrictive coping psychological patterns. A renewal of one's personal spirit follows when one re-imagines and brings into the present day new, creative approaches which allow for the un-lived life to thrive.

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"Life can be compared to a piece of embroidered material of which, everyone in the first half of his time, comes to see the top side, but in the second half, the reverse side. The latter is not so beautiful, but it is more instructive because it enables one to see how the threads are connected together."

-Arthur Schopenhauer